Uploading Your First Sketch

Now, everything has been configured properly and you are ready to upload your first sketch. The quickest way to try your first sketch is to run the Blink example.

Click File -> Examples -> 01.Basics -> Blink

The Blink sketch will be loaded into the Arduino IDE.

Click arduino_ide_upload button Upload, and both yellow LEDs on the STEMTera™ Breadboard will start blinking indicating the computer is uploading the sketch to the STEMTera™ Breadboard.

STEMTera™ Breadboard Tx Rx LED Blinking

When the sketch uploading is completed, both yellow LEDs will stop blinking. The message area of the Arduino IDE will display Done uploading, indicating upload is completed.

Arduino IDE STEMTera™ Breadboard Blink Example

At the same time, because the Blink sketch instructed the STEMTera™ Breadboard to blink, you can see the red LED starts to blink.

Your first Blink sketch is now successfully being executed by the STEMTera™ Breadboard.