Hello STEMTera™ Breadboard

The functions of the STEMTera™ Breadboard can be easily divided into different sections below.

USB - This port is used to receive power and communicate with the computer.

7-12VDC Power In - The STEMTera™ Breadboard can also be powered from this DC jack.

Port B, Port C & Port D - These are the digital input/output pins of the ATmega32U2 micro-controller.

Status LED - The green LED indicates power on, both yellow LED indicate communication and red LED is controlled by D13 of the Arduino.

Power - This section provides external components with 3.3V and 5V DC power.

Power Rails - When connected to 3.3V or 5V DC, these rails can be used to supply power to external devices.

Digital & Analog Pins - These pins are input/output used for interfacing with external passive or active components.

Tie Points - These tie points are used for joining components. 5 tie points (ABCDE) are joined in a group. (FGHIJ) is another group.

Get to Know STEMTera™ Breadboard